Fossilized Walrus Ivory and Silver Hummingbird Pendant


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"Width 1"" x Height 1 1/8"" (approx)

This hummingbird necklace in silver and fossilized ivory features one of our favorite creatures, the delightful hummingbird, in a delicate handcrafted Zealandia design.

Fossilized walrus tusk ivory body
Sterling silver details and setting

Designer: Jessica Lins

Hummingbird Pendant Necklace
Did you know that the hummingbird has evolved to be a true creature of the air? Unlike most other birds, it cannot hop or walk—its feet are only useful for helping it to perch. The hummingbird's real strength is in its wings and its bodyweight, which at mere fractions of an ounce is less than a nickel. These extraordinary birds can reach flight speeds upward of 50 miles an hour.

The hummingbird's delicacy inspired this walrus ivory pendant. Sterling silver's liquid gleam is an ideal choice to highlight the wings and complement the fossilized ivory's earthy glow. Your hummingbird solitaire is sure to turn heads every time you wear it!

The hummingbird's body is hand carved from fossilized walrus tusk ivory, an increasingly rare material that is between 500 and 3,000 years old. This ancient ivory lies underground for much of its life where minerals color it the rich earthen shades that are its signature. Its luminous quality makes it perfect for setting into carved ivory jewelry pieces such as this hummingbird pendant.

Fossilized walrus ivory inspires so many of our jewelry designs because of its unique connection to ancient times and to the earth.

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