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In 2001, Alaska Black Diamond received the MIA Manufacturer of the Year award as a result of their business success, work ethic, and contributions to the state’s economy and their local community of Ketchikan.

The Alaskan totem-pole artists have revived the once misunderstood art bringing it to its new height of admiration with contemporary flair, new colors, and meaning. The Alaska Black Diamond totem-poles are all hand-carved, each one a unique piece of art. The yellow cedar, only found in Southeast Alaska, is gathered off of local beaches, cut, and processed 25 miles north of Ketchikan in the remote tranquil bay of Princess Island. The artists are dedicated to their cultural heritage. While some keep with traditional design, others have evolved the art for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

Alaska Black Diamond began business in 1989. Owned and operated by Patrick Moore and his wife Tedi Brown, the company was started because of their love of wood carving and the Alaskan culture. Alaska Black Diamond’s carving operation is located on Princess Island and their finishing/shipping operation is located in Ward Cove. The couple recently co-wrote the book Potlatch Legends, the story behind Potlatch Totem Park in Ketchikan, Alaska. Alaska Black Diamond produces quality hand-carved and finished totem poles and plaques that can be purchased from higher-end galleries throughout Alaska. Alaska Black Diamond’s authentic totem poles are carefully crafted using traditional yellow cedar wood grown deep in the rain forests of Southeast Alaska, and they are hand painted. Alaska Black Diamond totem poles are very popular collectables purchased by Alaska’s tourism and residents.

A builder by trade, Pat has designed and built some of the most exquisite homes in Alaska. His knowledge of thermal engineering is remarkable and now he has furthered his venture in life by producing his unique style of totemic art for over fifteen years. His totem-poles show a fusion of traditional and contemporary form inspired by the endless possibilities to create.

Alaska Black Diamond employs 8 full-time employees and about 6 part-time employees to keep up with the demand for their totem poles. The company's longevity and success is due to the talent and work ethic of their long-term employees. Turnover is very low, and some employees have been with them for many years. These loyal and talented employees, along with Patrick and Tedi, have built an Alaska business from a traditional at and Alaskan lifestyle.