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Edward Lawrence has been a craftsman all his life. He started out as a moccasin maker in 1971, working with all types of leather accessories. Next, he explored Native American beadwork. It was through creative experiences like these that he was eventually introduced to fossilized walrus ivory.

The bulk of the collection is made out of fossil walrus artifacts from St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. Amongst harpoon tips, sewing needles, and ice testers, you will also find ancient game pieces and ornate buttons. Edward also incorporates amber from Mexico, Anasazi pottery shards from private lands in the Southwest, turquoise, old coins, skeletons keys and…who knows. Inspiration knows no bounds.

His wife, Diana, designs and strings together stunning one-of-a-kind beaded necklaces and bracelets. They live in California, situated in the peaceful foothills of the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Ivory Care & Maintenance