Kitty Keller

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Kitty is a fine artist first and foremost. She was always encouraged by her parents growing up to "make a mess" and explore her creativity and artistry. She went on to get her Bachelors Degree from the University of Texas in 1974 in Fine Art with a minor in Art History. Art and its origins have always been her passion.
She started her business from her home back in 1987 hand painting t-shirts and other accessories such as aprons, purses, etc. that quickly became well known and cherished throughout Texas.  She was known for her wildflowers and splatter painting! She went from hand painting onto silk screening her designs and working with prestigious customers throughout Texas and beyond. In the early 2000's, she was introduced to the art of the cloisonne medium and she hasn't looked back!
Not only are cloisonne ornaments so special in that they are handcrafted, rare and one of a kind unique works of art, but Kitty's designs take their uniqueness to a different level.
She has worked over the years in expanding her business throughout the United States and beyond and into new and exciting niche markets.  Now both of daughters work with her within the company, which they all enjoy at least 95% of the time!
Kitty Keller designs Cloisonné Christmas Ornaments, Glass Ornaments, and Jewelry, representing major Colleges and Universities, as well as some the most recognized brands in the world, and we enjoy nothing more than expanding the base of people that enjoy and appreciate not only Kitty's beautiful artwork but the amazing and incomparable cloisonne medium.