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Starlite Originals, LLC prides itself on beautifully hand crafted works of fine art. Since 1972, the Beckerman family has managed and grown the business in Los Angeles. Starlite Originals represents sculptors through its Starlite Studio Division. Fine artists such as Kitty Cantrell, Christopher Pardell and Dan Medina, to name a few, have turned to Starlite Originals to bring their artist vision to life.

Through its Foundry Services and Awards/Corporate Gifts divisions Starlite is also able to offer its services to artist, publishers, companies and private label clients. Using proprietary technology to embed mixed media metal in Lucite, Starlite is able to provide its clients with an end product that is unique and truly one of a kind.

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Kitty Cantrell
John Cuevas
Dan Medina
Christopher Pardell

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