Fossilized Mammoth Ivory Spiral Pendant


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Width 5/8"" x Height 2"" (approx)

This pendant is graceful, elegant, and timeless. The handcrafted detailing is sure to complement any jewelry collection.

Hand-carved fossilized mammoth ivory
Sterling silver detailing

Designer: Kyle Baxter

Color Variation
Colors may vary due to natural variations in material.

Spiral Pendant
This graceful design finds its inspiration in the roots of Zealandia Designs' most treasured design element: the spiral. The delicate spiral detailing travels down one side of the design, with a gorgeous piece of hand carved fossilized mammoth ivory on the other.

The fossilized mammoth ivory featured in this pendant is tens of thousands of years old. It has lain buried in the permafrost for thousands of years until brought to light by erosion. Fossilized mammoth ivory is a finite material and prized for its soft cream color that makes it ideal for fine heirloom jewelry.

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