Circling the Sky Fossilized Walrus Ivory and Silver Eagle Pendant


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Width 2 3/4"" x Height 1 1/4"" (approx)

Our earthy fossilized walrus ivory and sterling silver eagle pendant captures this powerful creature in a moment of contemplation, wings outstretched against a brilliant sky.

Hand-carved and inked fossilized walrus ivory body
Sterling silver details and setting

Designer: Jenny Byrne

Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.

Silver Eagle Jewelry – Fossilized Walrus Ivory and Sterling Silver Eagle Pendant
The eagle is perhaps the most powerful of the totemic animals—animals that have come to embody specific qualities that resonate with us and mirror our experience in the world. Our sterling silver eagle necklace snapshots this majestic bird in a contemplative moment as he circles the skies, scanning the earth, wings outstretched to their full span. As a totemic animal, the eagle has come to embody the qualities of keen insight, illumination, speed, and the power to rise above.

The eagle’s wings are cast in ornate sterling silver, highlighting a Southwest motif. This handcrafted eagle pendant is surprisingly light, and the bale is situated so that the pendant hangs at an asymmetrical angle as pictured. It is a striking piece that makes an unforgettable statement.

The eagle pendant’s body is hand carved from fossilized walrus ivory, which has lain buried in the earth for some 500 to 3,000 years. The Yupik of St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, gather this fossilized ivory for sale, trade, and their own beautiful carved art pieces. This fossilized ivory is gently colored by minerals in the soil over the centuries, lending the finished pieces a variety of earthy colors from soft caramel to deep chocolate brown. As a result, no two eagle pendants will be identical—each is truly one of a kind.

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