Bee Mandala Fossilized Ivory Pendant with 14KT Gold


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Width 1 1/2"" x Height 1 1/2"" (approx)

Our treasured Mandala inspired four bees necklace earned its designer, Jenny Byrne, a prestigious Designer Jewelry Showcase First Place Silver Designer of the Year Award in 2011.

Hand-carved fossilized walrus tusk bees
Faceted green peridot center stone
Sterling silver wings and setting
Fine 14k gold fill wing accents

Designer: Jenny Byrne

Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals. 

Mandala Four Bees Pendant in Ancient Walrus Ivory
The Egyptians saw the bee as a symbol of the soul. This miraculous and ecologically essential creature is also seen as a vital symbol of community and diligence. The bee serves the greater whole, an image that Zealandia lead designer Jenny Byrne sought to capture in this carved ivory pendant that centers on the Mandala, which means circle.

The Mandala is a traditional Buddhist and Hindu representation of the universe, a deeply spiritual shape that is a meditational image of the eternal oneness in all of life. Our four bees necklace celebrates one of the universe's smallest, yet most dynamic, creatures. The bee is the king of pollinators, ensuring the flowering and fruit producing plants' survival, and so the survival of all of us along the food chain.

Jenny selected Peridot, a semi-precious stone that is associated with nature by virtue of its fresh green color, for the carved ivory pendant center. Peridot is considered the stone of harmony and compassion. It is an ideal match for the ancient fossilized walrus ivory bees that surround its life-giving sparkle.

The fossilized walrus tusk featured here has spent much of its life - literally many centuries - buried in the earth where it gathered its cream to soft cocoa tones. The tides and natural erosion uncover this ancient ivory, and indigenous peoples gather it for sale or trade. Our fossilized walrus ivory offers an age-old history, a touch of ancient times, and it is carved the world over for inclusion in fine jewelry and art pieces.

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