Sundog Earrings

Sundog Earrings

Carlie Beads

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Thin silver circle with copper disc. Hand shapped Sterling Silver earwires.

Sundog Collection: a hammered silver and copper collection by Carlie Beads.

Hand made in Skagway, Alaska.

This jewelry is inspired by the bright, clear and crisp northern winter skies. Sundogs make their presence in our winter skies thanks in part to the freezing temperatures outside. The concentrated patches of sunlight refracting off ice crystals vary from glowing halos around the sun to bright light spots glowing on both sides of the sun.

Carlie buys the silver and copper by the once. She cuts, shapes, solders, and hammers each piece to build this elegant mixed metal design collection. In 1990, Carlie came to Alaska for a summer job and fell in love with the wide open wilderness, and a certain handsome man. They made their home on the edge of the forest where they wrangle three kids and an always impossible garden.

Earring dimension: 4.5cm L x 2cm W

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