Puffin in the Waves Mammoth Tusk Ivory Necklace


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Width 1"" x Height 1 5/8"" (approx)

This graceful pendant from our puffin jewelry collection is inspired by rich, natural materials, and our signature cresting wave motif that captures the sea's timeless ebb and flow.

Hand-carved and inked ancient mammoth tusk puffin
14k gold fill beak detail
Faceted round cut rainbow moonstone accent
Sterling silver surf setting

Designer: Jenny Byrne

Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.

Puffin Jewelry—Mammoth Tusk and Moonstone Puffin Necklace
The delightful puffin stars in this sea-inspired sterling silver and moonstone carved ivory pendant. These parrots of the sea are instantly recognizable for their vibrant beaks, which are only this large and colorful during the spring mating season. Winter sees a smaller, grey version of their signature feature.

Puffins lay only a single egg annually and typically mate for life. Their cartoon features and propensity for loud chatter when together on land belie the puffin's more profound symbolic representations including creative expression, longevity, faithfulness, and active spirituality. The Tlingit, indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest, have a myth that tells of puffin flock saving a young woman from drowning. The flock favored her, it was said because she longed to sit among them.

Our puffin necklace is carved from ancient mammoth tusk, which is over 15,000 years old. Mammoth ivory has lain in the earth or permafrost for millennia and is an ideal material for representing the puffin's creamy feathers. Here it is inked in black and orange. Mammoth tusk whispers to us of a time long, long ago when these great animals still roamed the earth.

The puffin wears a 14k gold fill band around his beak as decoration and perches on a gorgeous sterling silver breaking surf motif. A sparkling rainbow moonstone, the stone of spirituality and reflected truth, finishes this mammoth tusk necklace.