Mammoth Tusk Arctic Lights Polar Bear Necklace with Rainbow Moonstone


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Width 1 5/8"" x Height 1 1/2"" (approx)

The king of the north pads silently across the snow in this sterling silver polar bear necklace featuring ancient mammoth ivory and semi-precious stone accents.

Hand-carved ancient mammoth ivory polar bear
Faceted blue topaz and rainbow moonstone accents
Bright sterling silver setting

Designer: Jenny Byrne

Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals. 

Ancient Carved Ivory Pendant Necklace
The polar bear is revered for his strength, courage, and admirable solidarity. His mysterious northern home is impenetrable to most, and yet he is utterly at peace there beneath brilliantly lit arctic skies. His solitary journeys across the ice inspired this sterling silver polar bear necklace, which features ancient fossilized mammoth ivory that has been carefully carved.

Ancient fossilized mammoth ivory is uncovered after spending centuries in the earth. It is a truly unique material, and due to the finite nature of the supply, it is easy to see why ancient mammoth ivory jewelry is a valued addition to anyone's collection.

Zealandia designers included rainbow moonstone and blue topaz semi-precious stones in this mammoth ivory necklace to represent the spectacular light that makes the arctic so visually stunning. These cool, icy-blue, and iridescent stones balance the creamy dense fossilized mammoth ivory, creating a multi-dimensional effect.