Heart's Desire Fossilized Walrus Ivory Heart Necklace with Garnet


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Width 1 1/4"" x Height 1 5/8"" (approx)

This heart-shaped garnet necklace features fossilized walrus ivory details and delicately patterned sterling silver is the perfect gift of love to treasure!

Hand-carved fossilized walrus ivory detail
Deep red faceted garnet center stone
Brilliant sterling silver setting setting

Designer: Jenny Byrne

Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.

Ancient Walrus Ivory Heart Necklace
The graceful heart shape is a potent symbol of love, and this garnet heart necklace was lovingly created by our designers. Each detail from the sterling silver accents that complement the sweep of fossilized walrus ivory to the garnet center stone adds to the timeless appeal of this heart necklace.

Fossilized walrus ivory and garnet form a beautiful partnership in this piece that is both ancient and contemporary. The walrus ivory gains its deep caramel hue from centuries spent buried in the earth. Natural erosion uncovers the prized ivory, which is gathered by native peoples to be carved into Zealandia fossilized ivory jewelry.

Due to the unique natural processes that color our fossilized walrus ivory over the years, no two Heart's Desire pendants will be exactly alike. Every piece of Zealandia jewelry is as singular as our award-winning design.