Guardian Heart Ancient Mammoth Ivory and Sterling Silver Angel Pendant


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Width 1 1/2"" x Height 1 1/2"" (approx)

You’ll feel the power of our Guardian Heart silver angel pendant every time you put it on with its sweetly symmetrical silhouette and handcrafted details.

Ancient mammoth ivory body
Sterling silver details and setting

Designer: Jenny Byrne

Color Variation
Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.

Silver Angel Jewelry – Mammoth Ivory and Silver Angel Necklace
Angels hold a very special place in our hearts and in our history. For many centuries angels have been our messengers, protectors, sacred visitors, and bringers of joy. Many take comfort knowing that angels are about. A token such as this sterling silver angel pendant can serve the wearer as both a reminder and a request for angelic presence in their life.

This angel heart necklace is hand carved and cast in sterling silver. It features our signature detailing along the feathered, spiral cut wings. The emblem at the center of the angel heart imbues the pendant with love and protection. The angel’s outstretched wings also create a second heart-shaped silhouette, lending this silver angel necklace a look of mirrored symbolism.

The angel pendant body is hand carved from ancient mammoth ivory, which has lain virtually undisturbed in the earth or permafrost for upwards of 15,000 years. This ancient remnant of a bygone era is celebrated for the touch of antiquity it brings to fine jewelry and artisan crafts. Its luscious creamy color and unique origin have made it a collectible material, and a wonderful alternative to the new ivory trade that threatens the earth’s living animals.