Totem Pole - Whale Song 12"

Alaska Black Diamond

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Alaska Black Diamond uses yellow cedar in from the rainforests surrounding Ketchikan, Alaska to create these beautiful, hand-carved totem poles. This totem is authentic; a great symbol of Alaska Northwest Coast native tradition.

Due to the nature of handmade crafts, there may be a slight wood-color variance from the totem pictured.

Each totem is signed by the artist and includes a story card to share the legends represented in each pole.

Whale Song

“We traveling north from down below.  The water is so warm there.  Why did you leave and where will you go?

We will go to the Alaskan waters traveling with our friends, our sons and daughters.

What is up there and isn’t it cold?  There is abundant food, beauties untold.

There are many plankton and krill for us to eat, salmon and herring for those that eat meat.

But, they will try to get you with harpoons.  Don’t you know?

They don’t do that anymore, only the Eskimos.  They only take when they are in need not like before when people did it for fun or greed.

It sounds fun.

Can we do with you to this place?

Of course, and we can go at our own pace.  We can make it an annual race to Alaska.”

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